Biography ;

Mellow Gellow is a techno dj/music producer who grew up @ the border of Belgium with France. At young age of 6 years started to learn how to write music on paper by his grandfather who was a accordeon artist and also writer of his own balads.

Ever since high school he dreamt of making electronic music or dj in clubs. You could find him almost every weekend at the legendary Techno Temple LAGOA in Menen from open till closing watching listening learning and most of al enjoying the music and atmosphere. Thinking “I hope to be behind the deks of that kolossal sound system pumping my own sounds tone day that must feel like magic grabbing hold of every soul in the room”whyle trying to figure out what and how they pulled it off.

10th of december 2016

Whenn in march 2005 an accident prevented him from walking revalidated a year and 3 months learning to walk again so no work again for 1spend his whole revaledation learning to make digital electronic music that he missed all that time. This was enough to develop a passion for the Techno scene for life.

one of the last times at Lagoa Menen (Belgium) before the renovation.

In 2009 He started playing at several underground afterclubs and grew further in experience, and played on radio stations like Quindo fm and at clubs like La Rocca (Be)

La Rocca Summer Papaya

he started working together with several concepts like Techno Am Markt (by Djonah Laforge).

Preparing for Techno Temple summer 2018

and Boccacio Beach(residency)

Boccacio beach. T.N.L.Techno concept december 2018

also residency at MWS Radio Kemzeke where he played on several concepts from dark minimal dark tevhno, to hard techno and acid.

M.W.S.Radio ( resident )

In december 2018 he released his 1rst Remix (Reasons ) for Nightbob’s Flemish album in 2018 and in january 2019 his first release on Vusumzi records (Juno records) and not much later on Ibiza Boys (Van Cesar), Techno Addicts…And now more recent releasing on labels like High Prestige, Perfect Darkness (Duck Sandoval) and manny more to come.

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